About Us

Rapid-Line is a full-service metal fabrication shop and contract manufacturer. We are more than just metal fabricators, we integrate plastics, wood, fabric, cork and glass into your finished product.

Rapid-Line supplies a broad range of metal fabrication and related services to a variety of industries. Our customers appreciate our depth of experience and our broad range of capabilities providing single source responsibility.

As one of America’s most capable metal fabrication shops, we offer more processes under one roof than any other metal fabricator.  We have a flexible, technology driven resource base, a skilled workforce, modern information systems and an active continuous improvement program. With our extensive vertical integration and advanced technology, we can do things others can’t. We offer a full range of services from design to product complete manufacturing. Our unique specialty is a complete, finished, in-the-box product. Rapid-Line was founded in 1926, we have expanded our manufacturing space three times and currently, have 66,000 square feet of manufacturing space and approximately 100 employees.

We take great care to build into all our products a high level of quality and value that will continuously earn the respect and loyalty of our customers. We have an ISO 9001: 2015 (by Intertek) quality system.

Full-Service Metal Fabrication
from Concept through Production.

Lean Practices: Reducing waste and increasing efficiency saves our customers
time and money.

For Rapid-Line “Lean” is more than efficient processes and waste reduction, for us Lean is also a way of life. Internally we have been using Lean practices in a continuous effort to eliminate waste and increase efficiency and workflow. Obviously, our increased efficiency and cost reductions benefit our customer via cost savings, but Rapid-Line is also a source to aid our customers in their Lean goals. With our product complete capabilities and shortened lead times, we make inventory reductions and just in time deliveries possible. We also make it possible to eliminate the waste of multiple suppliers for one product.

 Green Practices: Our Commitment to the Environment  

At Rapid-Line being green has been a priority for a long time. We recognize the value of our environment and why we need to limit the impact we have on it. Anybody can say they are green but, at Rapid-Line we have made the commitment to continuously review our environmental impact and how we can reduce it. We participate with environmental associations and networks to continually find areas where we can improve. The nice thing about striving to be green is that sometimes we and our customers receive the additional benefit of cost savings. 

We Are Employee-Owned

As a Rapid-Line customer, you can be confident that we are working to be your best supply chain partner. We are employee-owned and as employee owners, we are all motivated to do our part to increase value for our customers. Our desire to increase value includes making quality parts, providing the highest level of customer service, increasing productivity and investing in modern machinery to expand and improve our capabilities. Our customers know that everybody here at Rapid-Line is working hard to ensure that we continue to be a superior supply chain partner.

Contact us today. We look forward to working with you.